Choose living insurance.

We’ll take care of your income in case of injury, illness or death.

Monthly Income Cover

Insurance that pays your monthly salary if you get sick or injured, or critically ill. Read more on our Income Protection & Critical Illness Income cover here.

Life Income Cover

Insurance that pays a monthly income to your family when you pass away. Read more on our Life Income cover here.

Lump Sum Cover

Insurance that pays you a lump sum for once-off expenses if you get disabled, severely ill or die. Read more on our Disability, Critical Illness and Life cover here.

How much do you think you’ll earn over your working career?

It’s probably more than you think.

The value of your total future income is
R million

(6.5% salary growth)

Let’s get you protected.

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Monthly expenses keep coming, even when your income doesn’t.

Groceries, electricity, education and other day-to-day expenses are unavoidable. Income benefits are ideal to help you keep up with these expenses if you are unable to work. It’s easier to plan for as it mimics your income stream and is typically more affordable than the traditional lump sum option.

Wow! Life is beautiful, there are so many things to be grateful for.
Yvonne Ritter, Age 64
Yvonne Ritter
Especially with this type of disease you actually never know what’s coming from one day to the next.
Werner Van Zweel, Age 48
Werner Van Zweel

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FMI is a division of Bidvest Life Ltd and is backed by the Bidvest Group, which has allowed us to take advantage of the economic efficiencies and opportunities that come with being part of a large group – especially one like Bidvest – while still retaining our entrepreneurial spirit and culture.

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