To create wealth, you need to protect wealth. Investment planning relies on your ability to earn an income and risk planning protects that income.

Let’s take FMI policyholder, Allan Swanepoel, as an example, to see how having the right cover in place has protected his business and investments over the years.

Allan started Suntropica Farms with a business partner fifteen years ago. They started small but today their company is a major culinary herb supplier to retailers nationwide. Thanks to the type of cover he has in place with FMI, his business has continued to flourish and grow, despite his 7 injuries and surgeries. Here’s how:

1) Allan’s policy with FMI ensured he never had to worry about being able to afford his monthly investment contributions during his periods of recuperation because we paid him an income each time he couldn’t work.

2) Allan is passionate about what he does and has no plans to retire any time soon. With FMI, his income is protected against temporary disability until he’s 75.

3) Fortunately, Allan understands the importance of income cover to complement his lump sum benefits, so he’s qualified for a pay-out every time he’s been unable to work. 6 out of 7 of Allan’s claims would not have been covered if he’d simply had the traditional lump sum cover.

4) At FMI, we give you the flexibility to adjust your level of cover without any medical tests – even if your health has changed. And best of all, these options are available even after you’ve claimed. Allan has been able to adapt his policy according to his changing needs without additional underwriting, even after he’d claimed.

Any investment plan relies on your INCOME stream. Your ability to earn an income is YOUR GREATEST ASSET.

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