Timothy Makhathini is a self-employed photographer and entrepreneur from Mthunzini, KwaZulu-Natal, who is motivated by a desire to build a better life for his family and leave a legacy for his children.

Having grown up under trying circumstances, Timothy worked hard, from a young age, to establish himself as a business owner and build the life he enjoys with his family today. In high school, Timothy was working as a gardener when he discovered photography and the income potential it provided. Due to the high demand for his services, he saved up for a good camera and launched his photography business. His business soared after shooting for a local beauty pageant, and Timothy went on to shoot at weddings and take ID photos at the Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI).

Timothy’s former employer educated him on the importance of caring for your finances, saving, and income protection. He introduced Timothy to a financial adviser, who helped him get income protection from FMI that protects the future he is building for his family. When Timothy contracted Tuberculosis (TB), his business suffered; but thanks to his income protection from FMI, he was able to get back on his feet and provide for his family when he was unable to work. “It really changed our lives.”

Today, Timothy works with three of his eight children. His photography business is doing well and his family is well-taken care of. He loves helping people and does not intend to retire. At FMI, we back the legacy-builders. We provide income insurance to those who, like Timothy, work hard to provide a better life for their loved ones, despite life’s curveballs. Watch Timothy’s inspiring story here :


Did you know you have an 82% chance of having an injury or illness that could prevent you from earning an income for at least two weeks during your working career?* That’s why, at FMI, we believe that all risk planning should be designed to protect your greatest asset – your ability to earn your monthly income. Protect 100% of your monthly income against the risk of injury or illness, or even death (so that your family will receive your income if you’re no longer around). 

In addition to this income cover, use lump sum benefits to provide for any additional expenses that arise when living with and adapting to a temporary or permanent disability, or additional medical expenses not paid for by medical aid in the event of a critical illness, or to settle debt and pay for estate duties in the event that you pass away.

This combination of income and lump sum benefits removes the risk that comes with managing a one-off large sum of money, and income benefits also simplify the financial planning process as it mimics the income stream you are trying to replace. 

This is how FMI’s simple approach to financial planning protects the future you are trying to build.


*FMI Claims Stats 2016

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