As a country, a community and in business, we find ourselves in unprecedented times as we spend every moment of our lives at home. And for many of us, this still means business as usual as we Work-From-Home (WFH) during this time. But there are countless booby traps scattered around our new office space just waiting to distract us: from that unfinished TV series, overflowing laundry basket, entertaining the kids, not to mention that cupboard stocked piled with treats. Our environment has changed, but expectations remain the same.

So, how do you “bring your A-game” to your new daily working routine without the built-in discipline your usual workplace provides? We find ourselves reporting for work from the couch, our kitchen counter or a make-shift workspace. The transition may not be easy but by staying connected and maintaining a daily routine, we can make it through this lockdown.

Whether you are a newbie or a WFH expert; here are a few handy tips to stay motivated and productive:

1. Get up and get ready

Wake up with purpose and determination. Set your clock, get up and get ready as if you were heading to work - if you don’t, your day never really starts. Plus, it’s always good to be ready for any surprise online meetings. Nobody wants to see you in that old comfy t-shirt.

2. Grab your cuppa and have breakfast

Sticking to your morning routine is important. Avoid looking at emails or messages before your day officially starts and enjoy your morning coffee and breakfast time to yourself or with your family. This time allows you to get into the right working mindset.  

3. Separate work and play

It is important to separate your workspace from your leisure space. Build boundaries within your home, so you can build a productive and healthy working environment for yourself.

4. Set work sprints

Plan your workday the night before. It is important to break up your day into dedicated working sprints to allow your body and mind 20-minute intervals to refresh. Get up and stretch, get some fresh air, or engage with your kids.

5. Connect and socialise

Minimise those feeling of isolation by staying connected and engaged with your colleague’s throughout day via Slack. Schedule Zoom coffee dates, team check-ins or weekly planning sessions. A collaborative team is a productive team.

6. Move and groove

Don’t forget to focus on yourself too. When planning your day, schedule your workouts as you would a meeting. Staying active and eating healthily while working from home is key to refocusing and re-energising yourself. Walk up and down your stairs or around your garden, do some squats, or stretch it out on a yoga mat.  

7. Mix it up

While working from home during this lockdown period, reallocate that ‘travel’ time and use it for yourself.  Meditate, self-reflect, reconnect with your passion, or start a new hobby – whatever works for you.

8. End your day

As important as having a predetermined start to your day, it’s also important to know when to switch off. It can be very easy to fall into the trap of working and checking emails in the evenings when it should be spent as downtime to reboot or to spend quality time with your family.

Working from home might come easier some days than others – but lean on your team, look for new pockets of inspiration and support your co-workers. You’re all in this together.





The Ultimate Working From Home Guide

By JENNIFER COOK Updated Mar 13, 2020


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