Perhaps the most powerful legacy we can leave behind is the influence and impact we have on other people’s lives. Our impact lies in the person we are; our interactions; our connections… our relationships. Our purpose is directly related to the people in our lives and the difference we can make in their lives, through the parents, the sons and daughters, the spouses, the siblings, the friends, and the colleagues we all are.

Making an impact doesn’t have to come in the form of some grand gesture – it can be as simple as remembering someone’s name; paying a compliment, or taking a little extra time to notice those around you.

Watch our series of videos of real people making an impact in their own way, through the work they do and the income they earn. 

Here are 5 simple ways to make an impact at work in 2021

  1. Be positive. Celebrate small successes; give compliments freely.
  2. Let others count on you. Help and support others. This build trust. And trust builds long-lasting relationships.
  3. Listen to what others have to say. This shows them that their opinions matter. Which will be reciprocated.
  4. Initiate ideas. People who make an impact don’t settle. They strive to do more.
  5. Show empathy. It only takes a moment to show someone else you care; showing a genuine interest in someone else’s life takes no time at all.

Let’s make 2021 the year of impact.

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