Brenda Makhatini is a mother of five and owner of Imbokodo Electrical, employing 50 staff members. Brenda’s business and entrepreneurial spirit fuels thousands of lives by providing household electricity to rural communities previously living without the benefits of such basic infrastructure.

According to the World Bank, access to energy is at the heart of development and improved quality of life. Readily available electricity improves education, health, and community. The simple act of flicking a switch to produce heat or light seems second nature to most of us, but to those who have never had electricity before, it changes their lives dramatically. Civilians no longer have to walk miles to collect wood to make a fire to heat water or cook food; children no longer have to study by candlelight; and information flows more freely into homes through the likes of TV or radio, providing a broader education and perspective for all.

When Brenda’s not working, she’s a full time mom. Her family is the drive behind everything that she does. She says that being a businessperson allows her to be the best mom she can be. She also takes care of her two nephews and supports them financially after her sister passed away tragically in a car accident with no life insurance.

“Your future self should be looked after by you, nobody else,” proclaims Brenda. Fiercely independent and responsible for so many, Brenda believes income protection and life cover is a must. She worries that should something happen to her, it might spell the end of her business and all that it provides, not only for her children, but for her employees and their dependants too.

Income protection secures your monthly income in the event of injury or illness. And for a business owner like Brenda, FMI’s business overhead protection means she can cover her monthly business expenses in the event that she suffers an injury or illness. Brenda can also take out Life Income cover for each of her children or dependants, to ensure they receive a monthly income that’ll cover the costs of education and any other care they might need, should she not be around to do so herself.

Brenda’s story is an example to us all of the commitment and passion just one person’s work can have toward improving the lives of many. Our income is more than just the money we earn – the work we do and the income we make can be the driving change we want to see for others. By protecting our income, we’re protecting our ability to continue making a difference in the lives of those around us.

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