Twenty-year old BSC student, Carmen Kirstein has always had a compassionate spirit. Her grandmother calls her a natural healer. When she was a child, she imagined becoming a vet, but in recent years, she’s seen the difference a doctor makes in the lives of their patients and has since set her heart on becoming a pediatrician. Carmen wants to help children and their mothers, which has an influential effect on the lives of their families and others who also care for those little ones.

Carmen is a hard-working, driven person by nature and when she initially wasn’t accepted to study medicine, it only motivated her more. She’s currently in her third year of studying a BSC Human Life Sciences degree and will then have another four years of study to gain her medical license.  

Carmen is reluctant for anything to derail her ambitions. She understands that an injury or illness could have a major knock-on effect and potentially, threaten her long-term plans. “As a student, my whole future lies ahead of me, including my entire earning potential. It’s critical to protect my ability to continue studying and make sure that should I encounter an injury or illness, I’m still able to receive an income and cover my living expenses,” Carmen says.

That’s why her brother, financial adviser Gustav Kirstein, advised Carmen to take out Student Cover with FMI. As he says, “As a student, your biggest asset is your future income.”

Gustav personally understands the disruption an injury can have on your long-term goals if you don’t have adequate cover in place. While studying, Gustav was playing rugby for the Sharks Academy with ambitions of becoming a Springbok. Sadly, his appendix burst, which marked the end of his rugby career. He since became a financial adviser and actively shares his personal experience to motivate other young individuals to select income protection while they’re still studying.

Income protection and life insurance is usually only available once an individual starts to earn an income, which doesn’t take into account the long-term consequences on a student’s future should they become injured or ill. Even a temporary injury or illness could result in a longer path to completing their studies and starting their career, with additional costs. A more serious or permanent disability could affect their entire future earning ability, in which case they would likely remain financially dependent on their parents.

FMI’s Event Based cover for Students provides students and their parents with peace of mind, knowing they’ve taken the smartest precautions available to secure their future and protect themselves against injuries or illnesses they may to face.

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