Many people make sure they have medical aid and gap cover to pay their medical bills if they get sick. However, they often don’t consider the bigger financial impact of not being able to work due to injury or illness.

Even a short interruption can have devastating consequences to your finances and most Disability and Dreaded Disease products don’t cover for temporary interruptions in income but only for permanent and catastrophic eventualities.

That’s why it’s important, at this time of year, when you’re reviewing your medical aid, to remember the importance of income cover.

At FMI, we believe a person’s greatest asset is their ability to earn a monthly income, and there is no better way to protect this than with an insurance product that offers a combination of lump sum and monthly income benefits for long term or temporary disability, critical illness and death.

Informative Reading | April 02, 2020

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Informative Reading | March 30, 2020

Why your income protection premium hangs on your occupation

It’s usually understood that not everyone pays the same premium for insurance – younger lives are generally healthier and pay less, and it’s understood that smokers pay more. But someone’s occupation is an additional factor that determines the premium they’ll pay for income protection. Here's why.

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Informative Reading | March 02, 2020

7 Reasons why insuring your monthly income is down-right obvious

At FMI, we believe that life insurance benefits should protect your income against any life risks that may be thrown at you.

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